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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


One of my favorite writing assignments! I was suppose to make a character like something I hated. :) This is what I got.

I'm starving!
“Hey, Do you know where I can find some food around here?.. No?.. Well, Thanks anyways...” I most be going crazy talking to a Raccoon, I'd eat him if he were dead. There most be a road somewhere near by... Ah-ha! That's a familiar smell, can it be? Yes! Rotting meat and car fumes! I'll be having a meal soon, really soon! I wounder what kind of roadkill it is, Most people wouldn't care to know, but I'm not a person.
I am a Turkey Vulture. Ugly I may be, but you have to admit I'm pretty good at getting rid of that gross creature you left lying on the road, so that you'd wouldn't delay your family vacation, well I thank you. I'm not saying you're the one who kill the poor thing! But if you did then I thank you for the lovely meal you left behind for me!
Here's the road finally! Ah, a medium rare tenderized possum, one of my favorites! I always
like it when my meat is conveniently tenderized by the truck that hit it. Hmm.. lets see what should I
have first? A leg, another leg, whatever that is, or the guts? Hmm... Crack! What was that?
“Mom look at that big bird!” yell a kid that was running from the trees of a small park.
“Johnny stop!” cried what most have been the mother, but I didn't look back as I flew away from the humans. I'm not afraid of them. Its just that their so unpredictable, one seem to think I'm cool, while another thinks I'll bite them. Well there goes my possum.
Well now that I know where a road is it will be easier to find something else, but that meal is to close to humans. 

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