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This Blog I'm going to share my stories I'm working on and the ones I've finished. Enjoy!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Tears of The Heart

Today my Uncle Jon Baldwin died. This is grief through my eyes.

AS I REALIZED I'd never see him on earth again. My body went numb.
"How can this be? How do you say goodbye? When he's already gone?"
My silent tears fell on my jeans with a light splatter sound. Though the evening was slightly warm, my whole body was cold all the way down to my heart. Silent tear hurt just as much as sobs.
"I don't even think I said goodbye last time I saw him! I was so stupid! Thinking he'd just get better after his surgery, but he didn't!"
Words. Words rush into my head to describe my pain as I stare at nothing, but I find none that is as deep as my sorrow. Cold, Emptiness, Darkness, Grief, Loneliness, and Pain. My heart felt all this and more.
"Why are you letting this happen, God? Why now? Why so soon? Why. Why? Why!"
I got up and left the room,
"I need to get this painful grief out. To leave it in words on paper, or on a document on my laptop."
I know it's impossible. My beloved Uncle Jon is in heaven, with the Father! And he'll never be forgotten in my heart.